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Wedding Magazine Award 2012

Wedding Magazine Award Ceremony 2012 was held last week at The Grand Stage.  It’s my great honour to receive Best Style Wedding Photography Award 2012.  Indeed, I am the winner of this award for three consecutive years.   So, what is “best style” ?  I think the answer is very objective.  Different people have different views on a shooting style.

Throughout all these years I have been asking myself – what is my style?  Finding a unique style is a long journey to a photographer.  Luckily, up to this point of time, at the very least, I can describe my own wedding shooting style.

In gist, I am trying to show the natural and elegant beauty of my subjects.

There are styles that I like and dislike.

For what I like:

I LIKE focusing you as my subjects.

I LIKE candid shots and natural posing.

I LIKE genuine smile.

I LIKE real connection between subjects.

I LIKE natural and pleasing lighting and skin tone.

I LIKE elegant mood.

I LIKE invisible photoshop.

I LIKE timeless images.

I LIKE new shooting challenges.

I LIKE shooting for you, not for any awards.


On the other hand,

I DISLIKE fake facial expression.

I DISLIKE stiff posture.

I DISLIKE harsh lighting and unnecessary lighting effect.

I DISLIKE excessive photoshop.

I DISLIKE asking my subjects to pretend to be someone else.

I DISLIKE images that do not give a feel or meaning.

I DISLIKE shooting the same image again and again.

That’s all for the moment.  You should be able to look into a photographer’s mind by seeing his work anyway, right?
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