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wedding day of Sophia & Chris

Wanna share with you some of the images of the wedding of Sophia & Chris held during the last weekend.  It’s a gorgeous and happy day! Sophia & Chris’ beautiful wedding ceremony was held at Pool House @ Grand Hyatt, and the wedding banquet was held at AMC.  Make-up artist Nicole Lee did a wonderful job highlighting the beauty of Sophia.

Sophia’s mother is very keen on photography, and so she was also shooting her daughter’s wedding with a Nikon throughout the day.   This was indeed the first time I could share so much about the technical aspect of photography with the bride’s mother on a wedding day.  I explained to Sophia’s mother how minor tweaks could greatly improve the quality of her images.  She was amazed when I showed her how I used just about 30 seconds to create this beautiful bridal portrait of her daughter, which is my favourite of the day:

SC01 wedding day of Sophia & Chris

I explained to Sophia’s mother, “The ceiling light on the upper left provided a dramatic backlight effect, but is not strong enough to give sufficient light on Sophia’s face.  Therefore, I sent my assistant to go up the stairs and shed some light on her using a small video light.  That creates the feeling that the light came from the upper left ceiling light, instead of an artificial light source.  The light pattern on the wedding gown was created by sunlight spilled through the staircases.”

And you are right, I only used about 30 seconds to design the lighting and shoot this image (of course I then spent a little more time shooting a few more in slightly different poses).  This is how I have been shooting.  By  shooting fast-paced weddings in HK and portraits for celebrities, I have been trained to think fast, move fast and shoot fast.   I was once quite obsessed with lighting effects, but now I just don’t think it works spending like 15 minutes to set up and shoot just one portrait for the bride in a wedding in which time is of the essence.  The subjects can be out of patience, and when shooting celebrities, more often than not, they simply don’t have that much time for the photographer to play around with.

What I have been trying to do is to strike a balance between beauty and efficiency.  By shooting beautiful images efficiently, there should be more time left to shoot even more beautiful images in a given time slot.

Following are some of my other favourite images.  Enjoy!

SC02 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC03 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC05 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC06 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC07 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC08 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC09 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC10 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC12 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC13 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC11 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC14 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC15 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC16 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC17 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC18 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC19 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisSC20 wedding day of Sophia & Chris

SC21 wedding day of Sophia & ChrisCongratulations to Sophia & Chris!

Cecilia Chan says:

Hi Philip,上星期六是我人生最開心的曰子之一,多謝你替Sophia 拍了这么美麗的照片,更多謝你教了我这么多攝影技巧,使我獲益良多。我是一个初學的攝影的幼稚园生,年紀大了,更加要趕緊學習,希望以後有机會向你討教,再三謝謝!期待再看到Sophia其他婚照,多謝!Cecilia

Auntie Chan 言重了,我才疏學淺,能夠為您們拍照,實在是我的榮幸。我不是常常有機會在拍攝婚禮當日,可與新娘父母分享攝影樂趣及作技術交流,那天我也覺得非常開心及難忘呢。非常佩服您不斷學習新事物新技術的精神! 我覺得 Sophia 有這麼好的父母,真的很幸福呢! 再一次向您們說謝謝。希望有機會能夠在攝影上再作交流。恭喜晒!

Fernando Colaço says:

Awesome color and tones. You have the knowledge of the composition and the use of available light. I like that very much. Congrats.

Thank you Fernando!

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