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Sophia & Chris – Grand Hyatt

Wanna share with you some of the images of the wedding of Sophia & Chris.  It’s a gorgeous and happy day! Sophia & Chris’ beautiful wedding ceremony was held at Pool House @ Grand Hyatt, and the wedding banquet was held at AMC.  Make-up artist Nicole Lee did a wonderful job highlighting the beauty of Sophia.

Sophia’s mother is very keen on photography, and so she was also shooting her daughter’s wedding with a Nikon throughout the day.   This was indeed the first time I could share so much about the technical aspect of photography with the bride’s mother on a wedding day.  I explained to Sophia’s mother how minor tweaks could greatly improve the quality of her images.  She was amazed when I showed her how I used just about 30 seconds to create the above beautiful bridal portrait of her daughter, which is my favourite of the day simple smile Sophia & Chris   Grand Hyatt

I explained to Sophia’s mother, “The ceiling light on the upper left provided a dramatic backlight effect, but is not strong enough to give sufficient light on Sophia’s face.  Therefore, I sent my assistant to go up the stairs and shed some light on her using a small video light.  That creates the feeling that the light came from the upper left ceiling light, instead of an artificial light source.  The light pattern on the wedding gown was created by sunlight spilled through the staircases.”

And you are right, I only used about 30 seconds to design the lighting and shoot this image (of course I then spent a little more time shooting a few more in slightly different poses).  This is how I have been shooting.  By  shooting fast-paced weddings in HK and portraits for celebrities, I have been trained to think fast, move fast and shoot fast.   I was once quite obsessed with lighting effects, but now I just don’t think it works spending like 15 minutes to set up and shoot just one portrait for the bride in a wedding in which time is of the essence.  The subjects can be out of patience, and when shooting celebrities, more often than not, they simply don’t have that much time for the photographer to play around with.

What I have been trying to do is to strike a balance between beauty and efficiency.  By shooting beautiful images efficiently, there should be more time left to shoot even more beautiful images in a given time slot.

Following are some of my other favourite images.  Enjoy!

SC02 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC03 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC05 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC06 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC07 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC08 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC09 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC10 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC12 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC13 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC11 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC14 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC15 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC16 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC17 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC18 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC19 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattSC20 Sophia & Chris   Grand Hyatt

SC21 Sophia & Chris   Grand HyattCongratulations to Sophia & Chris!

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