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Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

Kara and Mani have been working in Hong Kong for a while and will soon be returning to the States to get married.   Instead of going elsewhere, they decided to have their engagement pictures taken in Hong Kong, so that their friends and relatives can see what this city looks like.   My mission was to show the best of Kara and Mani in this interesting city, whilst avoiding the “Hong Kong clichés” (you know what I mean – the usual photos taken in Central, Shek O, TST, etc.).   Therefore, I tried using angles and lighting a bit different from what I’ve got used to.  I am quite happy with the results.  As wedding photographers, we should probably maintain a certain degree of consistency in our style whilst keep trying new (and better) ways of shooting.

On the shoot day, we had great weather and very nice sunlight, and we all had a lot of fun.  Before the shoot, Kara and Mani kept telling me that they would be a bit uneasy in front of a camera and that they didn’t know how to pose.  I didn’t believe that.  They are simply awesome and both very photogenic!  I’ve heard from clients over and over again that they just don’t think that they are photogenic.   However, none of us needs to become a super-model before we have portraits taken.  As long as the couple enjoyed the shoot, I am sure that we will be able to create some nice images.

One of my favourite pictures of the shoot, taken at Shek O:

km01 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

Shooting at Central Police Station.  Kara is simply gorgerous and photogenic! km03 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

km04 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

Here comes a Q&A for the following picture.  What lighting setup did I use here?km06 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

(Answer to the question above:   No lighting setup (no flash or reflector) was used.  There was only one light source – the sun.  The backlight came from the sun, which was then beautifully reflected on the subject by the glass of the buildings behind me.   I carefully placed Kara and Mani so that they were “embraced” by the sun from the back and from the front.)

A lovely moment:

km05 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

I wanted to create a picture in Central with a feel of Manhattan. Love the result!km07 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

The next spot was Shek O:km08 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

km09 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

km11 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

km12 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

We then went to TST for some night shots:km13 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

km14 Kara & Mani @ Hong Kong

It was a great pleasure shooting for you.  Thank you so much Kara and Mani!  Wish you a wonderful wedding in Texas!

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