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Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, France

“It’s awesome!”


I always say this when I’ve got a nice photo taken.  But I am not aware of this “口頭蟬” of mine until Christine & Andrew told me!


Had a wonderful time shooting for Christine & Andrew in the beautiful Bordeaux.  Here are the thoughtful words from them about the trip:


“(From Christine): That’s always an issue to getting the groom to prioritize pre wedding shoot which indeed every girl’s #1 priority (just next to the wedding gown!!)Yet, I am so fortunate to decide partnering with Philip in his Bordeaux Prewedding Trip.  Awesome location, awesome wine & food – and hence awesome feedback from the groom (Andrew):

A truly remarkable experience!

We had always wanted to visit Bordeaux,

Especially for the Chateaus and Vineyards!  The

Scenery was absolutely breathtaking, with

Outstanding weather made every shot so

Memorable and captivating!  We

Enjoyed every moment in the journey!  Thank you Philip and Jenny!”

                                                                                                                      – Christine & Andrew


Thank you Christine & Andrew!


At the beautiful vineyard of Chateau Margaux:

blog6959 Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, Franceblog6852 Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, France


A corner at Pichon Baron:
blog7304 Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, France

 The amazing Bordeaux City:

blog7559 Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, Franceblog7677 Christine & Andrew @ Bordeaux, France

Congrats to Christine & Andrew!


Two more posts about the Bordeaux trip to come.  Stay tuned!

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