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Rate card | Philip Tsang Photography
Philip Tsang Photography

Rate card

Wedding Photography

Our wedding day photography package starts from HK$62K (x 1.5 for a destination wedding), and pre-wedding photography starts from HK$42K for Hong Kong and HK$62K for overseas pre-wedding (excluding crew’s flight and accommodation).  Please contact us at “mail@philipphoto.com” to obtain our photography rate card.

All our rates are fixed.  We do not provide half-day wedding day package.  We do not provide videography.  For videography and other wedding vendors, please see a recommended list here.


Portrait / Commercial Photography

My hourly rate is HK$4,800, minimum consecutive 2 hours of shooting.  Please contact us so that we can provide a quote based on details of your project.



Hi philip,
may I have your rate card?
My big day is 20-Nov-2012, will u be available?


Thank you Grace. A reply is being sent to you by email.


Please give me a quote for Pre-wedding photo in Paris.

For your reference, my wedding date is 07th Oct,

Is it possible to shooting in Paris?


Thanks Tiffany. A reply is being sent to you by email ^^

HI,you photo is really amazing, my Big day is in 30/12, do that day will you be available?If yes, would you please send me your rate card?


Thank you so much Anna. Unfortunately we have already been booked for 30/12/2012.

Hi, I like your photos. My wedding ceremony and reception will be held on Dec 15 (morning + afternoon) and Dec 23 (night)respectively. Will you be available on these two days? Could you please advise your rate? Thanks!
Cheers, Rachel

Thank you Rachel. A reply is being sent to you by email :)

Stephanie Fung says:

May I have your rate card and scehdule of overseas prewedding?

May I have the rate card for wedding day shooting?
Many thanks!

Thanks for your message. Reply has been sent to you by email 😀

May I have your rate card for my Bid day on 2013.6.13 in HK

HI Philip, may I have your rate card?

Liliana da Silva says:

Great photos and I am very impressed! We are planning for a wedding next year in September (2013). Could I please impose on you to forward your rate card to us? Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Phil,
Your photos are amazing! I would like to have outdoor portrait session in December. May I have you rate card please?
Thanks. :)

May I have your rate card?
My big day is 8/9/2013, will u be available?

Hi Philip, can I have your rate card for wedding day photos? Do you have availability on 15 Sept 2013?

Hi Phil
I love all pictures taken by you. MAy I have your rate card for oversea pre wedding and wedding day?
Thanks so much!

Dear Philip,

Can you mail me the price of a pre-wedding shoot in Hong Kong / Macau?


Can I have your rate card for HK pre-wedding photo & wedding day photos?

Hello, we are going to Maldives for our wedding in November this year. May I please have your rate card for pre-wedding shooting in Maldives? Thanks!

Thanks all for your messages. Please check emails for reply. Thanks, and Happy CNY!

Dear Philip,
My big day is 20th Dec 2013, are you available? And can you send me a rate card, thanks.

Thank you and congrats Wendy. Details are being sent by email.

Can u send me your package price ?

Hi, I would like to know the price of big day photography service for 4hrs 10-2pm on 10 May in HK. Thanks

Dear Philip,
Hello can i have your prewedding rate card for 2014? thank you

We will be visiting Xian, China for my sister graduation. I would like to know the rate card for Pre-Wedding? Thank you..

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