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Wedding Vendors | Philip Tsang Photography
Philip Tsang Photography

Wedding Vendors

Here’s a list of Hong Kong wedding vendors I have been working with and would like to recommend.  For vendors in Shanghai and Beijing, please contact us for further details.


Terry Focus – http://terryfocus.blogspot.com/
Tart Yau – http://www.tartvideo.com/
Chan Kai –  http://www.chankai.hk/
Brian Tam – http://brianfilmhk.blogspot.com/
AP Studio – http://apstudiohk.com/

Make-up Artists:

Jenny Sim – http://www.jennysim.com/
Bart Ko – http://www.beaute.com.hk/
Mi Ni Chan – http://www.minichanmakeup.com/
Florence Chan (Sayso) – http://www.sayso.hk

Wedding Gowns:

Rings Bridal – http://www.ringsbridals.com

Wedding Planners:

The Theme Wedding – http://www.thethemewedding.com
Tiara – http://www.tiara.hk
One Heart Wedding – http://www.oneheartwedding.com.hk
Quintessentially & Co – http://www.quintessentiallyandco.com
White – http://www.whitebridal.com.hk/
Pink Wedding – http://www.pinkwedding.com.hk
The Wedding Company – http://www.theweddingco.hk

Music / Band

Me2 Productions – http://www.me2-productions.com
Diana Cheung (Harpist) – http://dianaharp.com


Simply Grand – http://www.simplygrandproduction.com
The Wood – http://www.thewoodflower.com
Monach – http://www.monarch-floral.com
Wedding Garden – 2367-1383

Civil Celebrants:

Anthony Lam (MK Lam & Co) – Tel: 25238061 | Email: anthonylam@mklam.com

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